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Tats, Lies, and Video Replays

Football is not only the worlds greatest game, it was my childhood guardian angel. Allow me to explain. The myriad and quality of British children’s TV shows (albeit I’m recalling them now through the missy mists of nostalgia) ensured that growing up in England we spent a great many more hours in front of the ‘tube’ than was undoubtedly good for us. America did its bit to help deteriorate our eyesight and warp our impressionable young minds, too, offering up such classic shows as ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’, ‘The A-Team’, ‘The Incredible Hulk’, and ‘Buck Rogers’, to name but a few.

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I’m A Laugher, Not A Fighter!

Very possibly the funniest man who ever lived, John Cleese, once famously said that an Englishman would rather be told he’s a bad lover, than that he’s not funny. I’m sure many of my fellow countrymen share my indignity of, at some point in time, having it suggested that we’re equally inept in both disciplines. In fact, forget ‘my countrymen’. We can broaden that characterization to encompass all men. Women may be the fairer sex, but they are also undoubtedly the more brutal!

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“Organic Events”

Jim Kirk,  Owner of Corporate Magic

Jim Kirk,
Owner of Corporate Magic

“Organic Events”
By: Jim Kirk, owner of Corporate Magic, Inc.

We all have come to know the term – “organic”.  It is generally applied to a certain kind of foods that have been grown or raised using no synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers, irradiation, industrial solvents, or chemical food additives.  In simple terms – no junk.

It is a product that is true to its name – real, through and through.

When it comes to foods, the verdict is still out on whether organic foods are better for you or taste better. However, when it comes to business events, the verdict is IN.

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Bittersweet, Dark and/or Milk Chocolate Memories

I have very mixed emotions when it comes to Easter. I certainly appreciate its religious significance. I’m very grateful for the 3-day weekend that it’s affords us. All good so far. It might surprise you to learn, then, that it’s the candy, of all things, that’s messing with me. You see, I have some very conflicting childhood memories, as well as some present day hang-ups when it comes to Easter and candy, or sweets as we call them back in Blighty.

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