Guest Writers


Three Wise-ish Men

I have a treat for you this month. This month you don’t get the moronic, rambling, inane opinions of just one Englishman – you get three! Wait, that didn’t come out right. That is to say that this month we have three contributors offering their insights on the great UK / US discussion. I thought you might be getting a little tired of my myopic view, and so I encouraged 3 friends of mine, fellow Brits now residing Stateside, to offer their opinions on a few things.

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Comic Relief

As a child growing up in England I rarely read comics; I was more of a book kid, when I wasn’t watching TV that is. British children’s TV in the 70’s and 80’s was highly compelling, but occasionally a book would capture my interest for a short while. Roald Dahl was a particular favourite, with ‘James and the Giant Peach’, and the less well known ‘Danny, Champion of the World’ sticking in memory as being especially good reads. Comics in the U.K. just didn’t hold my attention, which is odd because the American equivalents came to feature prominently in my life – but more of that later.


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Food, Curious Food!

It’s that time of year again when odd traditions take center stage, concessions are made, and people seem to lose all sense of perspective and taste – at least, when it comes to food!  There are three foods here in America that appear almost to be culinary royalty; and I can’t for the life of me work out why?


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Scotland The Brave

As I’m sure you’re aware, Scotland voted earlier this week on its independence. Scotland has been part of Great Britain (along with England and Wales) and, more broadly, the United Kingdom (which includes Northern Ireland), for over 300 years. However, there has apparently been a growing sense of disquiet north of the border primarily centered on the perception that the English Parliament doesn’t understand or even care about the needs of Scotland, and therefore isn’t sensitive to those needs, or its people. Having lived in the States now for nearly 15 years, it’s hard for me to venture an intelligent opinion on the validity of these complaints; Scotland clearly believed their complaints to be real, though, and was brave enough to do something pretty radical to, at the very least, draw attention to their frustrations.

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Be Kind To Others

I’m going to stray from my usual format this week, that of exploring the differences between England and America. A confluence of events these past few weeks has convinced me that I absolutely need to shift focus in this months blog offering. I hope you can indulge me this one instance? I promise to return to my standard format next month. So what caused me to do things differently this time out? Nothing more than the human heart.


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